Yoga Wine Workshop


Calling all wine and yoga lovers to join us for this special event at Mahota! Alcohol and yoga may not seem like the most likely combination, but maybe they should be. Each yoga session is a time of restoration, similar to the sensation you have after winding down with a great glass of wine. It only makes sense to put the two together – imagine yoga and wine mutually complementing each other creating a gateway to a truly sensory experience. With wine, the body begins releasing endorphins and your blood vessels widen which help both our mind and body relax. And because you are more focused and conscious, you are better able to really really taste the wine and all its nuances. Say cheers to this beautifully curated experience and go on a journey like never before.

Suitable for:



  •   Wifi
  •   Aircon
  •   Mic & Sound
  •   LCD Projector


  •   20