Our Design Philosophy

Mahota Commune is not just your regular grocery store, nor just a restaurant or café, it is a space with a variety of activities, inviting public interaction and exploration. The project was conceptualized to answer to the city’s need for a different way of experiencing how we usually dine out, shop or interact with others socially.

It serves as a open space for the public, for people to socialize, learn and unwind whilst having access to good food and products. The idea was to create an integrated lifestyle concept destination where we may showcase the stories behind the food we eat and buy and the history and culture of the growers and producers we have carefully curated.

The clear glass facades on both sides of the space, the central atrium sky light as well as the large glass windows along the perimeter of our store allow light to pass freely throughout our store, providing great visibility and clarity to our visitors. The lush greenery and plants placed throughout the space and the eco materials used in the store interiors seek to reduce the distance between us and our natural environment. Where possible, our designers have tried to replicate natural textures on our wall surfaces and finishings, using earthy colour tones and optimising the natural contours of the unique space we have found to work with.

In so doing, we hope to highlight the inter-connectedness of man and his environment, to not only show how our food and consumption choices affect the world we live in, but also to highlight the healing power of nature and how holistic wellness may be achieved. It is our dream to empower others to fulfil their full wellbeing potential, to live the good life and to do good.

Check out our Store Virtual Tour here: https://www.mahota.sg/store-virtual-tour/