What is Mahota Commune

Building Community Through Good Food

Mahota Commune is a gathering of goodness. Through growing good food, serving good meals, selling good ingredients and bringing people together to do good, we hope that we can all be one step closer to being good. We seek to adopt sustainable practices where we can because we are here for good.

What We Do

At Mahota Commune, we grow, we find, we sell, and we cook good food. Through good food and more, we want to reconnect you with your friends, family, community. Mahota represents the desire for the good life, the quest to co-exist in harmony with our environment. We would like to create an ecosystem guided by the principles of symbiosis and sustainability,  an open space where all who care about how we live may gather to share good food, learn more about the world we live in and make new friends, maybe even pick up a new skill or two.

Mahota Commune = Kitchen + Pantry + Market + Life + Clinic

Every ingredient has a story. As we are growers ourselves, we love to share with our community the provenance of our food, and  are committed in promoting our community of responsible farmers. Therefore, at Mahota Market, our mission is to source responsibly organic and natural produce and products.

At Mahota Kitchen and Pantry, we want you to taste what a difference good ingredients can make because we believe that ‘you don’t have to cook fancy or complicated masterpieces, just good food from fresh ingredients’. By cooking what we grow and growing what we cook, we extend our ecosystem from farm to plate, we hope to promote the tradition of commensality, of sharing and eating together.

Beyond the dining table, Mahota Life covers workshops, events and activities like Farmers’ Market, Mahota For Good CSR initiatives, Sunday Morning Community Walk, Cooking Classes, Art, Design & Photography exhibitions, DIY carpentry/craft, Wine & Cheese tastings, Specialty Coffee Appreciation, Social Enterprise Collaborations etc.